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UNSW JD graduate student and dual registered Lawyer in NSW, Australia and China with more than 5 years mentoring and tutoring experience. ( including students at UNSW, USYD, UTS, ANU, UNIMEL and ect) ------------------------------------------------------------- Can teach ✅Torts ✅Principle of Private Law ✅Contract Law ✅Public Law ✅Crime and Criminal Process ✅International Public Law ✅Legal writing ✅And etc. -------------------------------------------------------------HIGHLIGHTS: ✨ 5+years tutorial experience ✨ Widely read and can help you with essay writing tips for all English courses ✨My first language is Chinese, so if you're not fluent in English, I can translate concepts to you in your preferred language ✨Dual registered Lawyer. I have the practical experience in both common law legal system and Civil law legal system. so I can effectively connect your existing knowledge framework with the specific knowledge points you need to understand now. ------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to contact me here or through ✅Wechat: Garyzhan0513 (Telegaram and Whatsapp are also available) ------------------------------------------------------------- Don't be a nerdy, let's work together and breeze through the exams with ease.




I’m a LLM student. During my study journey Gary took on a very important role. Help me sort out the knowledge framework and the curriculum logic. In a 10-minute preparation process of Presentation assessment, help me sort out legal relations and conceptual differences. Will be more detailed deduction of knowledge logic layer by layer progressive. It's not cramming. Suitable for students who are unfamiliar with the Australian legal framework and have unclear requirements for exams. I hope it will help my classmates. My subjects include company law, bankruptcy law and juvenile justice practice.

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