I used these notes to receive a High Distinction Mark (85) in Principles of Private Law in 2016. These notes have been comprehensively put together from the reading guide, sorted into each week. They contain theorist critiques of foundational theories in both CONTRACTS and PROPERTY and case summaries of every case included in the reading guide. My notes are 235 pages (so very detailed!) and are all COLOUR CODED and NEATLY ORGANISED into different subsections, tables and headings. They also have MINI-PRACTISE QUESTIONS, DIAGRAMS and PICTURES integrated into the notes, with a scaffold for answering exam-like questions, to help achieve the best possible mark. I hope these notes will be as useful to you as they were for me in Private Law. Having notes COLOUR CODED and NEATLY ORGANISED was a real asset in a time pressured exam.


Semester 2, 2016

235 pages

235 words



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