Organisational Behaviour

Olekalns McShane, Steven Lattimore McShane, Mara Olekalns, Alex H. Newman, A. Travaglione

For sale by Nick for $60

Organisational Behaviour

Olekalns McShane, Steven Lattimore McShane, Mara Olekalns, Alex H. Newman, A. Travaglione

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Organisationla Behaviour

Department of Management and Marketing University of Melbourne

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Organisational Behaviour

Olekalns McShane, Steven Lattimore McShane, Mara Olekalns, Alex H. Newman, A. Travaglione

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Organisational Behaviour

Olekalns McShane, Steven Lattimore McShane, Mara Olekalns, Alex H. Newman, A. Travaglione

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CASE STUDIES (75% of the marks in final exam)

Written by Audrey


16 pages, 1990 words


Written by CHIEHLING

Just need to memorise and understand the notes and you will definitely get more than you paid.This i...

76 pages, 29989 words

Organisational Behaviour - DETAILED case studies

Written by Amelia

Extremely detailed notes covering all topics: - Automakers - Apple - Enron - Solaris/SN - You...

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✔ Ultimate H1 Summary Notes ✔ MGMT20001: Organisational Behaviour (incl. FLASHCARDS & CASES)

Written by Viv

✔ Ultimate H1 Summary Notes ✔ (The sample is just thumbnails for preview, the actual note is in fu...

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H1 Ultimate OB lecture summary

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OB Exam Sample Paragraphs

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Complete H1 Notes(Macro + Micro + Cases) for MGMT20001 Organisational behavior

Written by Xin

Includes micro topics, macro topics, and macro cases. Well-organised with headings and subheadings b...

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H1 OB Condensed Notes Macro Cases

Written by Karena

Apple, Sanrizz, Enron and Automakers Cases and Macro Topics

44 pages, 27122 words

H1 OB Condensed Notes

Written by Karena

Week 1-12 Lecture Notes with Easy to Read Diagram MICRO Lecture 1 (Management Approaches) Lectur...

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👍 H1 OB Sanrizz Exam Notes for 2018 - Very comprehensive 👍

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- Very useful for your Part B Exam Preparation for OB. - Linking theories and concepts from the OB...

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[Did it in summer 2019] It wasn’t as bad as some people make out, although I got a fairly decent group which helped. Some of the content was reasonably interesting and I can see how some of it applies to the real world. The subject is well organised too. However, if you don’t like essay writing (I don't!), you probably won’t love this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Topics covered in the subject are relatable and applicable in daily life, as well as, improving our soft skills. For the exam, you just need to understand and memorise the theories and understand the cases.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Relevant to daily-life especially the micro-topics and will help you when working with other too.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

You need a really good group mates. For exam, buy notes from Student VIP and you'll do great!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Don't take it if not core. Just an annoying subject in general. It was poorly structured and I disliked how the lecture slides were written.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

[I did this in Summer 2018]. As a person who doesn’t read much, I’d say that this is the B-Com compulsory subject that involves the greatest amount of compulsory reading and writing, so be prepared for that especially if you’re like me. For the individual assignment, I found the skill building session really useful in helping me start off the assignment, so do make an effort to attend it. As for the group assignment, pay extra attention to the assessment criteria (I missed some out and had to do extra work nearing the due date). Do your very best in this (it’s 30%!), even if it means taking up most of the writing, editing, and proofreading tasks if you’re confident with your abilities. Overall, this is a very organised subject, and the things you learn are quite applicable to everyday life (especially for the micro part as it’s closely related to psychology)! :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very easy subject to understand, it covers a lot of materials / concepts but not in depth. Put extra effort in your team project, this helps your final grade. In cases where lecturers or tutors are unclear when explaining concepts, I find the book quite helpful in providing thorough explanation and breaking down ideas into simpler ones.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Not great, especially if you have an overly serious teacher or is assigned academically inept team members in the group assignment. unfortunately both happened to me, and not even doing alright on the exam could save my marks.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

They ask you to buy a textbook for this. Save your money and just don't. Borrow it from the library if you need it for the assignments. Otherwise, you hardly use it. Go for the skills sessions before doing the assignment. Helps a lot. When answering the group assignment, base your answers of the the topics covered in lectures. Pray you get a good group. The exam is just memorizing.They narrow down the subjects a little which helps. Do not cram this. They ask very specific questions so if you only vaguely studied, you won't be able to give a detailed enough answers.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

An ok subject, has some interesting elements to it but really you need to get an easy going tutor to receive high marks for the group assignment otherwise all your efforts would go to waste :))

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017