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Hi everyone!

I'm a first year student studying Economics and Computer Science at the University of Melbourne. I am tutoring in subjects in which I have first hand experience in. I love teaching and have tutoring experience of over 2 years and would love to continue my passion during University.

I am very patient and help students 24/7 - you can ask me a question at midnight and I will reply if I am free! I use this technique as my tutors were so helpful in this way and I want students to experience the same comfortable learning environment.

I will be able to slowly teach you the concepts taught in the subjects week by week. I also have all the content ready- lecture slides, tutorial work and answers, etc. I will be able to help you step-by-step in your weekly quizzes and assignments(editing and proofreading ONLY) as well as prepare you for your finals in the best way possible.

I will be providing textbook short notes free of charge for the content heavy subjects that I used the textbook for and found useful (Intro Micro and ARA), so don't worry about buying or using a textbook for these two subjects!

My results so far (2020 Sem 1)
ACCT10001 - Accounting Reports And Analysis: 84
COMP10001 - Foundations of Computing: 85
ECON10005 - Quantitative Methods 1: 87
ECON1004 - Introductory Microeconomics: 90

I am an International Student and achieved an equivalent ATAR score of 99+ as I completed my A levels in 2019 and successfully got the highest grade in each of my subjects.

My IGCSE'S and A level results were 11 A stars and 4 A stars (Highest possible result in each examination for all my subjects)

I am a flexible tutor and would be offering Zoom tutoring sessions instead of in-person due to the evolving COVID situation and hence have offered a low rate.

Provide any questions - I will be happy to answer them! Please note that I can ONLY teach subjects I’ve already done, sorry for the inconvenience!


English, Sinhalese, French


I have started coaching for the semester 2 2020 after joining Unimelb in July. I was really worried to start uni online without knowing anyone but Shalina really helped me be comfortable with the new content as she is patient and very flexible in terms of teaching. Learning the material in advance has prepared me well. I am almost halfway through learning the course for the subject and am confident as ever as maths has never been my strong suit. Highly recommend her!

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