Semester 2, 2018

✔ Ultimate H1 Summary Notes ✔ MGMT20001: Organisational Behaviour (incl. FLASHCARDS & CASES)

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✔ Ultimate H1 Summary Notes ✔
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- All information collated from lectures, tutorials and readings
- Well formatted and easy to follow
- Clearly separated into micro and macro topics
- Digital and printing friendly (PDF) - Concise, logical, easy to understand and memorise.
- Analyses case studies for exams
- Up to date with the current curriculum
- Written by an H1 student currently on the Dean's Honour List

These notes are for Semester 1, 2018! Not only are these fantastic for c̶r̶a̶m̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ revision, but can aid continuous study throughout the semester! These notes were personally collated from readings, lectures and tutorials to reflect the syllabus and exam content.

!! Important !!
These notes reflect the exam for Semester 1, 2018, non-examinable topics change yearly. Flashcards are linked in PDF slides.