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These notes helped me get an H1 in ECON10004: Introductory Microeconomics in Semester 1, 2017! Not only are these fantastic for c̶r̶a̶m̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ revision, but can aid continuous study throughout the semester! These notes were personally collated from readings, lectures and tutorials to reflect the syllabus and exam content.

Tips: Read the lecture slides before lectures, listen and follow the lecture exercises, review the notes afterwards and refer to additional readings if you're still confused. Tutorial questions are very important and often exam related.

1 Introduction
2 Key Concepts
3 Demand and Supply
4 Market Equilibrium and Comparative Statics
5 Elasticity and Applications
6 Government Intervention
7 Welfare in Perfectly Competitive Markets
8 International Trade
9 Market Failure 1: Externalities
10 Market Failure 2: Public Goods
11 Markets: A Review
12 The Firm and Managerial Economics: Key Decisions and Key Concepts
13 Measures of Cost
14 Strategies to Reduce Cost/Introduction to Revenue
15 The Basic Price/Quantity Decision
16 The Effect of Competition: Perfectly Competitive Markets
17 The Effect of Competition: Monopolistic Competition and Monopoly/Government Regulation
18 Price Discrimination
19 Game Theory
20 Simultaneous Games
21 Sequential Games
22 Oligopoly


Semester 1, 2017

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92,551 words



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