Accounting for Non-Specialists

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Accounting 4

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Accounting: Business Reporting for Decision Making

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Accounting Business Reporting for Decision Making

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Jacqueline Birt, Albie Brooks, Keryn Chalmers, Suzanne Maloney, Judy Oliver

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Accounting Business Reporting for Decision Making 5E

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H1 (87) Accounting, Reports and Analysis Notes

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Noel Boys hates kids. Not sure why he works at a university, especially because he also dislikes helping people and answering questions. The wording in assessments is very confusing on purpose. My parents are both accountants and a lot of times they had no idea what he was asking. Even still, I would've done far worse in this subject if I didn't have my parents to help me. I got good grades throughout the semester but the exam really screwed me over so it knocked me down from a H1 to a H2A. The final was nothing like the practice exams we were given. Thankfully, last semester was Boysie's last sem at the uni. Not sure if he left voluntarily but either way, good riddance. My tutor Shrutika was late every single week and always arrived grumpy. The tutorials were completely useless and instead of teaching us, every 5 minutes she would say to "take a few minutes to discuss with a friend." The tutorial was an hour and a half but it may as well've been an hour (or less) like other classes because we started late and ended early every time. Unfortunately attendance was marked otherwise I wouldn't have gone at all. Giving this subject 2 stars instead of 1 because I actually like math so there is hope for the future now that Noel Boys is gone. Glad to be done with this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

I have no idea why, but this subject deliberately does not prepare you for the final exam. If you didn't do accounting in high school and you want to get a H1, I'd recommend trying to find a real past exam (the practice exams given are ten times easier, and take less than half the time to complete), or even using past Accounting and Finance ATAR exams from SCSA to study - I wish I could have done that, because I had assumed there was no way the exam would be that much of a surprise and people were just lazy. I still got a H1, mostly because I did well in Accounting and Finance VCE. Noel Boys is also really condescending and seems to get very easily annoyed at having to help students. He would post long rants on announcements basically calling us all stupid for having admin questions - one of the rants were actually because he had made a mistake on an assignment and people were contacting him about it to check what that meant. If the subject actually taught well what was on the exam, I'd give it 4 stars because it's all important knowledge that sets the foundation for any commerce major.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

The final exam is ridiculously difficult. Prepare well

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Exam was the most difficult part of the subject. Weekly content and Assignments were fair. MCQs in the exam were not really MCQS. Supposedly there are 80 MCQS, but its like 40 MCQS and 40 questions that had a blank space to write your calculated number. Exam was very different from the questions given in the sample exams.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Concepts in the practice exam were comprehensible, just like the questions in the lecture/tutorial. However, the terms used in the final exam (which takes up 70% of the grade) were very unfamiliar.... making the test unnecessarily difficult? Practice questions should be at a similar level to the final one

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Accounting Reports and Analysis (ARA) is one of the five core subjects in the Bachelor of Commerce. It gives an accountant’s view of how a business should be run and evaluated. It introduces the core components of the reports that businesses must produce and how to interpret them. The first few weeks are very similar to Accounting in high school. Noel Boys is a humorous and logical lecturer. His lectures were enjoyable to listen and made the dense content interesting. I didn’t find that to be the optimal way to watch his lectures as theory plays a large part in the course. Instead, I suggest that you make your own notes paraphrasing the theory. The two assignments were completed on Excel, which was then computer-marked against an answer key. The first assignment was completing a balance sheet and income statement, and the second assignment was analysing a financial report. These were not of a particularly difficult standard. By modelling off the sample illustrations from the lectures, the assignments should be very doable.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Content is not hard and very straightforward (but boring asf). I'm sure Noel had heaps of fun overcomplicating the final exam and using a bunch of unnecessary terms. Just say sales revenue ffs

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

The concepts of this subject are pretty straight forward. However the way the exam questions is set seems quite different to how the tute questions are

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

found the exam challenging comparative to the work provided in class

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

I did this subject as part of the core requisites for the BComm. I did it in Semester 1 2020 which was all online, so that might have had an impact on the delivery of the subject. I did do Accounting Units 1-4 in VCE, and I found the content to be pretty similar, but it was more in-depth and more interesting than high school as it had a more real-world application. The assignments were very clearly organised and it was very clear what had to be done. The exam was quite time-constrained, but it was very clear what had to be done. The lecturer, Noel, makes his best efforts to make the lectures engaging because listening for 2 hours can get quite tedious. Overall, being a compulsory subject, it wasn't bad. I found it to be quite simple to follow already having background knowledge in accounting, but I can imagine it being quite difficult for those with no prior experience.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020