These notes are very detailed and are designed to help you immensely with Accounting Reports and Analysis (ACCT10001). I wrote them throughout semester 1 2017 and received an overall subject grade of First Class Honours (H1) for the subject.

After adding to the notes each week, I also reviewed them at the end of the course to ensure that the most important parts were included.

The notes are UP TO DATE to the current curriculum and includes all topics for the course as I have made them in semester 1 2017.

Everything is explained very clearly and can be easily understood. It is very neatly formatted with colours, highlighted and bold text, as well as many pictures.

While these notes are quite comprehensive, if you would prefer a SUMMARY as a final revision before your exam, I would recommend you reading only the bolded and highlighted text which should emphasize the main points and refresh your memory on some things which I believe would be very useful to know for the exam.

My notes contain a mixture of both lecture slides, textbook readings as well as some extra research.

My ARA accounting notes have been separated into the different weeks/lectures so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. I recommend reading them each week to help your understanding of the course.

The SAMPLE of my notes contains 5 non-consecutive pages. The actual full notes contains 26 pages.

All the best with accounting!


Semester 1, 2017

26 pages

6,806 words



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