This is a very comprehensive set of notes of the overall Introductory Macroeconomics course which I made throughout semester 2, 2017 and received a grade of First Class Honours (H1) for the subject. The notes are UP TO DATE to the current curriculum and includes all topics for the course. After having done my exam, I have reviewed my notes, added some things, and emphasised the bits which I believe are a must-know for the final exam. Everything is explained very clearly and can be easily understood. It is very neatly formatted with colours, highlighted, underlined and bold text, as well as many pictures. While these notes are very comprehensive, if you would prefer a SUMMARY as a meaningful final revision before your exam, I would recommend you reading only the bolded and highlighted text which should emphasize the main points and refresh your memory on some things which I believe would be very useful to know for the exam. My notes contain a mixture of what is covered in LECTURES, TUTORIALS and PRESCRIBED READINGS, as well as from ASSIGNMENTS after I have reviewed the solutions. They have been separated into the contents from weeks 1 to 12. I recommend reading them each week to help your understanding of the course. (Tip: Use Ctrl-F and type a word to quickly search what you are looking for) As they contain notes from the prescribed readings, you may not need the textbook. The SAMPLE of my notes contains 10 pages. The actual full notes contains 79 pages. All the best with Macro!


Semester 2, 2017

79 pages

20,820 words



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