Professional quality notes from a H1 student that will serve as an excellent study AND revision tool. Includes detailed information on ALL 12 WEEKS of lecture content: 1. The Nature and Purpose of Accounting Regulatory and Conceptual framework 2. Transaction analysis and financial statements 3. Balance sheet - Assets 4. Balance sheet - Liabilities 5. Statement of Profit and Loss, Statement of Comprehensive income, Statement of Changes in Equity 6. Statement of Cash Flows 7. Financial Statement Analysis 8. Financial Statement Analysis 9. Budgeting 10. Cost Volume Profit analysis 11. Sustainability and Accounting 12. Course Review: Exclusive exam revision checklist including all necessary knowledge These notes are suitable for: ✅ Students who are looking for assistance in UNDERSTANDING the content in the lecture slides My notes are not just paraphrased lecture slides – they contain my own explanations and ways of thinking about the content. This should give you an alternate explanation where the lecture slides are too brief to enable full understanding. I also include diagrams to help visually convey difficult concepts. ✅ Those who are looking to save time and have a compact REFERENCE to assist during the semester The coloured lecture summary boxes will assist you with regular revision, and the clear structure and titles used in my notes will help you to refer back efficiently so you can focus more on consolidating knowledge and doing questions to get a head start on your classmates when it comes to SWOTVAC time. Along with necessary information from lecture slides, my notes also contain: ✅ My personal explanations or ways of thinking about accounting concepts ✅ My self-made diagrams and coloured annotations to provide visual aid and to help with recollection and to provide step-throughs that the lecture slides lack ✅ Summaries of the key points of each lecture in the coloured box at the start of each chapter ✅ A checklist of all essential knowledge and learning intentions for exam revision These notes contain both the DETAILS to help you first understand the material and the SUMMARIES to help you revise come exam time. They should serve as a more PERSONALISED study tool when the lecture slides lack DEPTH or FULL EXPLANATIONS. I use narrow margins to fit in the wide chapter summary boxes and size 12 font. When the margins are increased to normal size the document is 79 pages long. I am very fond of accounting as a subject, having achieved a 49 in VCE accounting and now H1s at university level, hence my notes reflect my attention to detail and knowledge of both the theory and technical aspects of the course I hope they will be of just as much help to you as they were to me – Best of luck!


Semester 1, 2018

59 pages

15,346 words



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