These notes are very detailed and comprehensive and provides plain English explanations for all legal concepts pertaining to corporations law. Case law and legislation is discussed in detail, with significant focus on the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Notes are easy to read with various keys used to make it easy to scan through. For example, green represents a legislative reference whereas yellow represents a case discussion. Topics covered in these notes include: 1. Joint Ventures 2. Sole Trader(s) 3. Incorporated and Unincorporated Associations 4. Partnerships - Existence and Contractual Liability 5. Partnerships - General 6. Public v Proprietary Companies & The Creation of a Company 7. Separate Legal Entity & The Lifting of the Corporate Veil 8. Promoters & Pre Registration Contracts 9. Internal Governance Rules 10. Directors 12. Companies' Contractual Liability 13. Member's Meetings & Director's Meetings 14. Director's Duties - Duty of Care 15. Director's Duties - Duty to Prevent Insolvent Trading 16. Director's Duties - Duty to Act in Good Faith 17. Director's Duties - Duty to Act for Proper Purpose 18. Director's Duties - Duty to Prevent Conflict of Interest 19. Membership Rights - Non Court Resolutions 20. Membership Rights - Oppression 21. Membership Rights - Derivative Action 22. Payment of Dividends 23. Capital Maintenance 24. Fundraising 25. External Administration


Semester 2, 2012

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