These notes are very detailed and comprehensive and provides plain English explanations for all legal concepts pertaining to corporations law. Case law and legislation is discussed in detail, with significant focus on both Income Tax Assessment Acts and case law.

Notes are easy to read with various keys used to make it easy to scan through. For example, green represents a legislative reference whereas yellow represents a case discussion.

Topics covered in these notes include:

1. Ordinary Income
2. Fringe Benefits Tax
3. Statutory Income
4. Capital Gains Tax
5. Specific Deductions
6. General Deductions
7. Capital Allowances and Depreciation
8. Taxation of Partnerships
9. Taxation of Trusts
10. Taxation of Companies and Shareholders
11. General Services Tax
12. International Tax - Residence and Source
13. The Taxation Formula


Semester 1, 2012

51 pages

22,394 words



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