This is my A4 double sided sheet you can bring into the final exam worth 50%.

These BSB111 notes are really easy to navigate in the exam, with each weeks topic separated into sections. And all the relevant laws highlighted in bold. And it contains every concept/law that was covered in the semester, as well as an explanation for each to help you in the exam..

I also included a section at the bottom of the second sheet with 7 example questions and answers, to guide you on how to structure and word your answers in the exam. Which is actually half the battle. The examples are broken down into Law, Application, and Conclusion.

I spent quite a bit on time on this sheet and it paid off with the great mark I got in the final exam.

Size 7 font. Thin Margins. Really easy to read.


Semester 2, 2015

3 pages

5,002 words



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