This is the double sided A4 page of notes you are allowed to take into the BSB123 final exam, including full working solutions and graphs. I spent quite a lot of time of this sheet and it honestly made the exam so easy.

I have colour coordinated each section of the sheet to match the 6 questions in the exam. For example when you are doing Question 3, all the formulas and examples you need to answer it will be in the blue section. This helps keep you focus and not overwhelmed in the exam .

There is also the complete questions and answers, for all 11 workshops of Semester 2 BSB123. (57 pages)

Topics include;
- Introduction to Statistics and Excel
- Presenting Data & Introduction to Descriptive Measures
- Numerical Descriptive Measures
- Simple Linear Regression & Probability
- Probability & Discrete Probability Distributions
- Continuous Probability Distributions
- Sampling Distributions
- Estimation
- Hypothesis testing
- Hypothesis Testing Part 2
- Hypothesis Testing Part 3

Note: Workshops Week 2, 3 and 5 contain a lot of information about Assignment 2: Research Report.
Where as Week 6 onwards are examples for the Final Exam.

I received 91% for this subject.


Semester 2, 2015

41 pages

9,124 words



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