Comprehensive yet concise notes for PHAR3817 Respiratory (2015)

- ALSO CONTAINS a section at the end for notes that apply to both PHAR3817 and PHAR3816 (i.e. content that can be examined for either subject)
- Covers all lecture materials, but has been re-worded for clarity and succinctness
- Clear and organised layout
- Easy to understand dot-point format, with subheadings, tables and figures to facilitate understanding and memory
- No need to memorise hundreds of lecture slides - everything is here in 27 pages
- Enabled me to obtain an HD for this subject

- 3817 topics include: histamine and antihistamines, cholinergic system, allergic rhinitis, COPD, asthma, inhaler devices and technique, complementary medicines, obstructive sleep apnoea, HIV and anti-retrovirals, anti-virals
- Shared topics include: clinical interventions, adrenergic system, ethics and privacy issues

*Note: common abbreviations used throughout - MOA (mechanism of action), ADR (adverse drug reaction i.e. side effects)


Semester 1, 2015

27 pages

10,431 words



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