- Comprehensive set of notes for all lectures and topics covered in Sydney University PHAR2822 (Pharmacy Practice; 2014)

- Easy to read point form and tables, with clear and organised layout.

- Lecture notes have been summarised and reworded, and notes from tutes have been integrated to ensure in-depth understanding of all topics.

- Enabled me to obtain an HD for this subject!

- Topics include: information sources for pharmacists, communication, OTC scenarios and product recommendations (colds and flu, pain, headaches, eye conditions, ear conditions, diarrhoea, dehydration, constipation, childhood ailments), S2/3 protocols, counselling, CMIs, nutrition and obesity, exercise and health, adherence to therapy, heart disease, hypertension, smoking, asthma, adverse drug reactions, sleep disorders, infant nutrition, bioethics, skin infections, travel health, oral health, childhood diseases, worms lice and scabies, health promotion, etc.


Semester 2, 2014

43 pages

17,400 words



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