- Comprehensive and concise set of notes for all lecture material covered in Sydney University PHAR2813 (2014) - contains everything on 32 pages so no need to memorise hundreds of pages of lecture slides
- Written in point form, and includes graphs, tables and equations to facilitate understanding and memory
- Lecture content has been summarised and re-worded, and diagrams have been explained - all the work has been done for you (especially for pharmacokinetics)!
- Enabled me to obtain an HD for this subject.

- Topics covered include: pharmacokinetics (mono- and multi-exponential) and relevant equations/calculations, IV infusions, multiple dosing, ADME, bioequivalence, non-linear PK, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics and metabolising enzymes, PG screening, drug transporters, drug receptors, adverse drug reactions, variability in response to medicines, therapeutic drug management, pharmacoepidemiology, confounders, bias and systematic errors, drug exposure, revision questions, etc.

- Note: does not include the separate mathematics portion of this subject


Semester 1, 2014

32 pages

11,800 words



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