- A detailed notes document of all the topics from Week 1 to Week 12 (No new content for Week 13). - Notes cover all content required for essay writing and weekly in-class activity. - This is a very content heavy unit with lots of law cases used as reference, this document summarises all the important concepts. - Examples and diagrams included to help explain the difficult concepts. - Relevant law cases included to help with analysis. Topics Covered: Week 1: The Australian taxation system and the tax formula Week 2: Residency and source of income & General principles of income Week 3: Assessable income/income tax Week 4: General Deductions & Tax Accounting Week 5: Specific Deductions and applications of deductibility & Trading Stock Week 6: Capital allowances Week 7: Capital Gains Tax Week 8: Goods and Services Tax Week 9: Taxation of individuals Week 10: Taxation of Partnerships, Trusts and Superannuation Entities Week 11: Taxation of Companies Week 12: Fringe Benefits Tax & Tax administration, tax avoidance and evasion Week 13: No new content


Semester 2, 2023

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