These scaffolds were made during the Semester 1 2023 and contain all the latest readings and cases. These scaffolds were used for mid-sem and final examinations and have been created to contain everything you need for problem questions. They are clear, easy to understand, in a step, by step format which allow you to solve any problem question. EACH TOPIC HAS 1. Summary Scaffold (The main overriding questions to ask) 2. A Intro sentence which states what the general topic is about 3. Proper Scaffold with references (in Blue) Tips from the lecturer Topics 1. Sources of International Law 2. The Law of Treaties 3. International Law and Domestic Law 4. Personality, Statehood, Self-determination 5. Title to Territory 6. State jurisdiction 7. Immunity from Jurisdiction I - Foreign State Immunities 8. Immunity from Jurisdiction II - Diplomatic Immunity 9. State Responsibility 10. Diplomatic Protection 11. Use of Force 12. Peaceful Settlement of Disputes [Final Note] These notes have been refined after each exam and are the perfect preparation and examination material to (1) learn the material taught in class (2) perform your best in the (in-person hand written examinations :).) Best of luck!


Semester 1, 2023

46 pages

13,914 words



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