These scaffolds were made during the Semester 2 Winter Intensive and contain all the latest readings and cases. These scaffolds were created by 3 students who all obtained 75+ with the main contributor achieving 83. They are clear, easy to understand, in a step, by step format which allow you to solve any problem question. They were used for both in class Quizzes and the Final Examination. EACH TOPIC HAS 1. Summary Scaffold (The main overriding questions to ask) 2. A Intro sentence which states what the general topic is about 3. Proper Scaffold with references (in Blue) Tips from the lecturer Topics Contracts 1. Introduction 2. Damages: Causation and remoteness of damage in contract 3. Measure of damages in contract and sums fixed by contract 4. Introduction to vitiating factors and the remedy of rescission 5. Duress and mistake 6. Undue influence, unconscionable conduct an unfair contract terms 7. Misrepresentation at general law and statutory liability for misleading or deceptive conduct Torts 8. The tort of trespass to land 9. The tort of private nuisance 10. Tort liability for interference with goods 11. Liability in tort for purely economic loss I: negligent misstatements and professional negligence 12. Liability in tort for purely economic loss II: third party property damage and third party injury 13. Multiple wrongdoers – proportionate liability


Semester 2, 2023

59 pages

19,888 words



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