These are comprehensive, color coded notes for all examinable content. All cases (including detailed summaries) and statutory provisions learnt are included. It is a helpful summary of all lectures, seminars and readings set for the course. These set of notes are all you need to do well in the course. The comprehensive nature of the notes ensures all content examinable in the final exam are compiled into 1 document, including every seminar discussion. Topics include: 1. WEEK 2: JURISDICTION 2. WEEK 3: LIMITATION PERIOD 3. WEEK 4: PARTIES, JOINDER, CLASS ACTIONS, COMMENCING PROCEEDINGS 4. WEEK 5: SERVICE 5. WEEK 7: DISCLOSURE, INTERROGATORIES 6. WEEK 8: CASE MANAGEMENT & APPLICATION 7. WEEK 9: ENDING PROCEEDINGS EARLY 8. WEEK 10: TRIAL, APPEALS, EVIDENCE, ENFORCEMENT 9. WEEK 11: COSTS, OFFERS TO SETTLE There is a step-by-step structure for how to answer a problem question (see sample notes). Sample Notes provide a sneak peek of what is covered under each week’s notes. The structure is set out very clearly and I have received feedback that the notes are extremely helpful for exam preparation!


Semester 1, 2023

51 pages

26,297 words



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