These are comprehensive, color coded notes for all 13 weeks of content. All cases (including detailed summaries) and statutes learnt are included. It is a helpful summary of all readings set for the course, definitely memorizable for exams.

Topics include: Battery, Assault, False Imprisonment, Defences for trespass/intentional tort to persons, Trespass to land & Defences, Nuisance & Defences, and Negligence (which was the whole of the final exam). In the Negligence notes (starting page 12), there is a step-by-step structure for how to answer a problem question (7 steps, color coded - see sample notes).
Important takeaway from the cases & ratio decidendi all highlighted.

The structure is set out very clearly and I have received feedback that the notes are extremely helpful for exam preparation!
In the sample notes, part of the notes for Battery, Assault, Nuisance and Negligence have been included. Note that each table has been majorly shortened to just provide you with an idea of the structure.


Semester 1, 2019

41 pages

17,183 words



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