These are succint yet detailed notes including all cases and statutes learnt in the course, summarised into bullet points. Case names are all red, bold and italics. Different topics have different colors. It is easy to memorise for a closed-book exam. Notes are for all 13 weeks. It is a helpful summary of Rick's supplementary notes.

Mid-semester exam topics include: Offer (Invitation to Treat, Offers Auctions, Offers and Tenders, Revocation of Offers, Termination by effluxion of time, Counter-offers) and Acceptance (different manners of acceptance, postal acceptance rule, acceptance by instantaneous Communication)

Final exam topics include: Certainty and completeness, Intention to create legal relations, Consideration, Promissory Estoppel, Formalities, Express terms, Implied terms and statutory obligations, Interpretation of terms and exemption clauses, Statutory control of unfair terms: ACL 2010.

Parts of some topics have been included in the Sample Notes, each topic shortened to take up 1 page.


Semester 1, 2018

27 pages

6,960 words



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