Comprehensive Real Property Notes receiving a high distinction mark (86). Full Course Notes with complete case summaries and with key principles compiled from different sets of notes from HD students in conjunction with assigned and supplementary readings and tutorial work. These notes nicely summarise the extensive statute and case law in USYD's Real Property course. Topics: Topic 1: Introduction and Fundamentals of Land Ownership Topic 2: Torrens Title A. Elements; eConveyancing; Indefeasibility B. Assurance Fund; Unregistered Interests; Caveats; Priority Notices; Sources of Exceptions to Indefeasibility C. Fraud Exception to Indefeasibility; Personal Equities; R-G’s power of correction; Overriding statutes; Volunteers D. Priorities between Unregistered interests Topic 3: Leases Topic 4: Mortgages Topic 5: Co-Ownership Topic 6: Easements Topic 7: Profits Topic 8: Nature and creation of covenants


Semester 2, 2021

175 pages

94,205 words



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