Comprehensive Criminal Law Notes receiving a high distinction mark. Provides a summary of all the main elements of each crime as well as a detailed analysis of their associated authority and how this can be applied in a problem question. Notes have been made through compiling different sets of notes from HD students in conjunction with the assigned textbook and tutorial work. Topics: - Elements of Crime - Murder - Manslaughter - Assault: Common/GBH/Actual - Sexual Offences - Larceny - Complicity/JCE/Accessorial Liability - Defences: Self Defence, Extreme Provocation, Excessive Self-Defence, Duress, Necessity, Mental Illness, SIAM, Sane Automatism, Mental Illness and Intoxication in intent Includes bonus exam style questions (six problem questions) provided with comprehensive answers to each question citing all relevant legislations and case law to demonstrate the structure of answers for problem questions.


Semester 2, 2019

239 pages

134,234 words



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