DETAILED, EXTENSIVE AND WELL STRUCTURED TORTS AND CONTRACTS LAW NOTES Comprehensive Torts and Contract II Notes receiving a high distinction mark (88). Note: Topic 1-3 was examinable in Midsemester Exam Topic 4-9 was examinable in Final Exam Part I: Full Course Notes with complete case summaries and with key principles compiled from different sets of notes from HD students in conjunction with assigned and supplementary screadings and tutorial work. Topics include: Topic 1: Damages – Causation and Remoteness in Contract Topic 2: Causation and Remoteness in Contract Topic 3: Penalties and Debt Topic 4. Introduction to Vitiating Factors and The Remedy of Rescission Topic 5. Duress and Mistake Topic 6: Undue Influence, Unconscionable Conduct and Unfair Contract Terms Topic 7: Misrepresentation at Common Law and Statutory Liability for Misleading or Deceptive Conduct Topic 8. The Tort of Trespass to Land Topic 9. The Tort of Private Nuisance Topic 10: Tort Liability for Interference with Goods Topic 11 – PEL (pure economic loss) I: Negligent misstatement and professional liability Topic 12: PEL II: Property damage compared to PEL; liability for ‘consequential economic loss’ compared with PEL; liability for PEL due to damage to a third party’s property Part II: Problem Question Scaffolds (sample pages 8-10) Includes scaffold to assist in answer problem questions as well as answers to practise problem questions. Comprehensive answers to each question provided citing all relevant legislations and case law to demonstrate a high distinction answer to problem questions. These scaffolds are ideal for answering problem questions during the final exam and ensures that you do not miss any essential elements of the question.


Semester 2, 2020

244 pages

143,857 words



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