DETAILED, EXTENSIVE AND WELL STRUCTURED PUBLIC LAW NOTES Comprehensive Public Law Notes receiving a high distinction mark (85). Note: Topic 1-6 was examinable in LAWS1021 Midsemester Exam Topic 6-9 was examinable in LAWS1021 Final Exam Full Course Notes with complete case summaries and with key principles. Made through compiling different sets of notes from HD students in conjunction with the assigned readings and tutorial work. Topics include: Topic 1: Key themes – parliamentary sovereignty and the rule of law Topic 2: Colonial Origins to Independence Topic 3: Amending the Commonwealth Constitution Topic 4: ‘The people’ – popular sovereignty and Indigenous Australians Topic 5: Representative Parliament Topic 6: A Responsible Executive Topic 7: Non-statutory Executive Powers Introduction & Prerogative Topic 8: Oversight of the Executive Topic 9: Overview of Ch III


Semester 2, 2020

210 pages

107,792 words



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