Comprehensive Evidence Notes receiving a high distinction mark (87). Part I: Full Course Notes with complete case summaries and with key principles compiled from different sets of notes from HD students in conjunction with assigned and supplementary readings and tutorial work (sample pages 1-3). These notes nicely summarise the extensive statute and case law in the course. Topics include: Topic 1: Introduction Topic 2: Relevance Topic 3: Proof Topic 4: Adversarial trial Topic 5: Witnesses: Examination in chief and cross-examination Topic 6: Credibility Evidence Topic 7: Exclusionary rule: The Hearsay Rule Topic 8: Exclusionary rule – Tendency and Coincidence evidence: (Part of UEL) Topic 9 Character of the accused Topic 10: Opinions Topic 11: IDs Topic 12: Discretions (s 135-139) Topic 13: Admissions and Privilege Against Self- Incrimination Topic 14: Proof II Part II: Problem Question Scaffolds (sample pages 4-8) These scaffolds are ideal for answering problem questions during the final exam and ensures that you do not miss any essential elements of the question. They do not follow the chronological order of the course, but are arranged to help you most effectively answer problem questions and understand how each topic interrelates.


Semester 2, 2021

195 pages

99,293 words



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