This is a FULL SET of Land Law notes from trimester 2 2021. I received 89 in this course and was taught by the incredible Cathy Sherry. These notes also include ALL THEORY READINGS NOTES as preparation for the final exam essay! CLASS LIST 1. Fundamental Concepts in Land Law 2. Origins of Australian Land Law and introduction to Native Title 3. Native Title 4. Introduction to Torrens 5. Indefeasibility 6. Fraud and s56C 7. Volunteers, short-term leases, and the in personam exception 8. Overriding statutes 9. Caveats and competing equitable interests 10. Co-ownership 11. Leases (leasing fundamentals, substantive requirements, covenants) 12. Leases (multiple sources of rights, assignment) 13. Leases (remedies, leases as contracts) 14. Mortgages 15. Easements Part One 16. Easements Part Two & Freehold covenants Part One 17. Freehold covenants Part Two 18. Revision


Term 2, 2021

127 pages

84,014 words



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