This set of notes includes ALL readings notes, cases and a personalised template for the final exam. It is compiled using a hyperlinked table of contents for easy use. This is a really enjoyable course with a lot of content so using a complete set of notes will always help. I achieved a HD with a mark of 90 in this course with Dr Jennifer Moore as my lecturer.

List of Topics:
- Nuisance
- Negligence - general duty of care
- Duty - Mental injury
- Duty - Pure economic loss
- Occupiers liability
- Duty - Public authorities
- Breach of Duty - Standard of Care
- Breach of Duty - Reasonable foreseeability and calculus of negligence
- Causation
- Causation - Novus Actus Interveniens
- Causation - Remoteness and Loss of Chance
- Defences
- Breach of Statutory Duty
- Concurrent Liability, Vicarious Liability, Non-Delegable Liability
- Damages
- Theory (FOR ESSAY)


Term 2, 2019

93 pages

39,197 words



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