Full set of CPEP notes from Trimester 2 2020. I achieved a HD with a mark of 89. includes ALL CASES and easy to follow for final exam (both PROBLEM QUESTION and ESSAY).

List of Topics:
- Accusatorial justice
- Prosecuting, Adversarialism, Disclosure; Proof; The Defendant in Court
- Introducing the Uniform Evidence Act (UEA or UEL) and Relevance
- The Witness (& competence etc), Examination in Chief and Evaluating the witness)
- Cross-Examination, The Credibility Rule and Credibility Exceptions
- Exceptions to Credibility Rule Continued, Procedural rules of Witness Questioning, Completing XXN, Addressing Re-examination, Limits of Re-opening
- Hearsay Rule
- Character Evidence
- Tendency Evidence
- Coincidence Evidence
- The Opinion Rule
- Identification Evidence
- Jury Directions


Term 2, 2020

131 pages

75,609 words



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