This is a FULL SET of Principles of Private Laws notes from trimester 3 2020. I received a mark of 89 for the course and my lecture was Ross Caruthers (really great and knowledgable lecturer). This also includes all online module readings and futher tips for both the mid-term assessment and the final exam. The topics include:

Class 1 - (Online) – Overview
Class 1 – Agreement: Offer
Class – Agreement: Acceptance
Class – Consideration: Part 1
Class – Consideration: Part 2
Class 2 (online) – Revision of Offer, Acceptance and Consideration
Class – Intent to Create Legal Relations
Class – Certainty
Class 3 (Online) – Revision of Intent to Create Legal Relations and Certainty
Class – Privity: Part 1
Class 4 (Online) – Privity: Part 2
Class – Property Introduction
Class – Licenses, third parties, numerous clauses
Class – The Extent of Property rights and the Extent of Property Rights and Privacy
Class – The Doctrine of Fixtures
Class 7 (Online) and – Torts for the protection of goods
Class – Possession of Land and Adverse Possession
Class 8 (online) – The Acquisition of Property Rights and Equitable Property
Class – Formal requirements for the transfer of land (continued) and The interest of a purchaser under a binding sale agreement
Class 9 (Online) – Part Performance
Class – Equitable Estoppel Part 1
Class – Equitable Estoppel Part 2
Class 10 (Online) – Land Revision
Class – Agency


Term 3, 2020

89 pages

50,455 words



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