These are the notes I compiled for my study for the mid-semester and final exam. With these notes, I achieved a 7 for PHRM4011. These notes are suitable for everyone, especially for people who don't have the time to go through every lecture. Please note that this is a guide/summary of how to approach the exam, and specifics for health conditions should be researched and undertaken by individuals. These notes cover all the topics taught in the whole semester. These are: L1: Information Gathering to Undertake Medicine Review L2: Drug Related Problems L3: Written Communication Skills for Medication Reviews L4: Patient-centred communication & practice: Facilitating behaviour change L5: Applied Lab Function Tests for Medication Review L6: Oral communication skills for MMRs L7: Polypharmacy & Deprescribing in MMR L8: Deprescribing for MMR Part 2 L9: Complementary Medicines: What to do in a Medication Review? L10: Medication Adherence L11: Managing Drug Interactions in Medication Reviews


Semester 1, 2021

45 pages

14,671 words



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