This is my notes for PHYS1002 when I done it during Semester 1 2017, which had a small change in what was taught compared to previous years. The notes extensively cover all the topics taught during the course - Electricity, Electromagnetism, Lights and Optics, and Relativity. Electricity and Electromagnetism (Electric Field, Electric Flux, Gauss Law, Electric Potential, emf, Ohm's Law, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Force) Light and Optics (Diffraction, Refraction, Converging and Diverging Lens, Concave and Convex Mirrors) Relativity (Principles of Relativity, Simultaneity, Time Dilation, Lenght Contraction, Lorentz Velocity Transformation, Relativistic Energy, Photoelectric Effect, Hydrogen Spectrum)


Semester 1, 2017

58 pages

5,760 words



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