Semester 2, 2016

ENGG1200 Materials Notes (For Mid-Semester Exam)

40 pages

9,834 words




These are the notes for the mid-semester materials exam. The exam was pretty tricky if you didn't keep up to date with the materials every week, and it was definitely one of the toughest exams due to the lack of past-exam questions and also guidance from course coordinators. However, with these notes that I created by following the online content and browsing the internet to resolve any areas of confusion, I managed to achieve a 7 in the course.

Topic 1: Materials and Material Bonding & Structure
Topic 2: Elasticity, Strength of Materials, Tensile Testing, Composites of Mixtures
Topic 3: Plasticity, Dislocations, Yield and Proof Strength, Ductile Strength & Toughness
Topic 4: Strengthening Mechanisms (Dislocation and Particle Interactions), Fatigue and Fracture, Failure Below Yield
Topic 5: Polymer Types, Polymer Structures, Polymer Deformation
Topic 6: Temperature and Time, Viscoelasticity, Polymer Processing