The DETAILED corporate law notes can provide you a very comprehensive understanding of the subject and were written after completing all the required readings and tutorials. All the cases mentioned are summarised and put under their relevant topics.

The notes are color-coded (green: legislation, red: important info, orange: less important info, blue/purple: supplementary info)

The notes guide you through solving many questions (search for "problem solving") in great detail and are extremely helpful to solve exam-type questions.

I got an H1(86) on the subject and about 90 on the final exam with my notes. They are very easy to follow as I've only used bullet points instead of paragraphs.

Good luck with your studies!

Topics covered:
Week 1: Introduction to Corporate Law
Week 2: Business Planning & Constituting Companies
Week 3: Decision-Making in Companies, including Variation of Class Rights
Week 4: Member Meetings and Decision-Making
Week 5: Transacting by Companies
Week 6: Company Directors and Officers Duties
Week 7: Company Directors and Officers Duties pt. 2
Week 8: Company Directors and Officers Duties pt. 3
Week 9: Share Capital Maintenance
Week 10: Remedies, Consequences & Enforcement


Semester 1, 2020

81 pages

23,063 words



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