These notes include all the tests learned throughout the subject. Detailed explanations are included for every test: hypotheses, test statistic, critical value (which Table to use), rejection rule, R command. The notes also include how to calculate the test stats manually as well as interpreting some of the test results. I typed out all the content myself and have added useful interpretations ( what the tests are used for).

- Measuring centre location (mean and median) using parametric and non-parametric
- Test of normality
- Est and hypo test of variance
- Est and hypo test of population proportion
- Compare multiple population central location
- Analysis of frequency
- Correlation
- Linear regression (test and use of regression)

You can use it during the exam by simply ctrl/command+F the test and it gives you the full steps.


Semester 2, 2019

24 pages

4,472 words



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