- Based on First Principles of Business Law 2017 - Based on the content taught by the lecturer chronologically - Concepts are explained with easy language, important vocabulary/ideas are highlighted - Revision tips included at the end (personal experience added after the exam) - Save your time writing your own notes, making a cheat sheet, revising for exams, or getting a head start - Does not include details of examinable cases (only names) - Best of luck! Topics: Chapter 1: Basics Chapter 2: Source of Law: Legislation Chapter 3: Case Law Chapter 5: Contract Chapter 6: Content of Contract Chapter 7: Statutory Provisions Affecting Contracts For Goods And Services Chapter 8: Performance And Breach Of Contract Chapter 9: Remedies For Breach Of Contract Chapter 10: Vitiating Factors (Invalidate Contract) Chapter 11: The Australian Consumer Law Chapter 12: Tort Law - Negligence Chapter 15: Property Law & Agency Law


Semester 1, 2019

36 pages

10,138 words



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