You literally wont need anything else for your exam except this condensed exam scaffold. It tells you how you need to structure your answer for each topic, which cases/legislation you need to integrate into the answer and give you the exact wording you should use when making arguments. Covers all the topics in Torts/Contracts 2. This made me get a HD for my exam :)

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Topics include
1: Damages, Causation, Remoteness
2: Damages: Measure of damages in contract, sums fixed by contract (law of penalties included)
3: Vitiating factors; rescission; duress and mistake
4: Undue influence, unconscionable conduct, unfair contract terms
5: Misrepresentation, misleading/deceptive conduct
6: Trespass to land, damage to aircraft
7: Private nuisance; interference with goods
8: PEL (I, II, III), negligent misstatement, tort of deceit
- Pure economic loss (PEL), Property damage compared to PEL, Liability for PEL from defective structures/products, damage to third party's property,
9: Multiple wrongdoers: proportionate liability


Semester 2, 2020

22 pages

10,385 words



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