This is literally the essence of the essence of what you need to get an HD for public law exam.
It has pre-written exam answers (which you can fill out the blanks) within the scaffold.
It tells you how you should be answering each type of question, and integrates all the legislation and case law along with it to include in your exam.
I spent sooo long making this- it helped me tremendously in my exams.
Covers all the topics tested in the Public Law Exam (eg. Judicial Power, Executive Power, Freedom of Info, etc). Contains necessary and comprehensive notes for the topics tested in the assignment too (eg. Manner and Form).
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1-2: Key themes, Constitutional history
3: Constitutional Amendment
4: 'The people'
5: A representative parliament
6: A responsible executive
7: Executive powers
8: Oversight of the executive
9: Constitutional safeguards for Judicial power
9: Continued


Semester 2, 2020

45 pages

20,786 words



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