These notes (Part 1) comprise Lectures 1-6 while the remaining notes are available in Part 2 due to size constraint on this site.

Notes are clearly organised and written in point forms. Each lecture note is 2-3 pages long yet contains all essential info from lecture slides + explanation stressed by lecturers + relevant diagrams.

This set of notes is a great resource for the assignment and a life-saver during the final exam - which I managed to get 97% :)

L1: Introduction, datasets, types of variables
L2: Displaying, presenting & graphing data
L3: Measures of central tendency, spread, sampling variation, standard error
L4: Normal distribution
L5: Confidence interval for a mean & comparison of 2 means
L6: Using confidence intervals & p-values to interpret results of statistical analyses


Semester 1, 2020

16 pages

4,744 words



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