Semester 2, 2018

PHRM20001 H1 (90%) Notes (Part 2)

32 pages

10,515 words




This set of notes (Part 2) comprises Lectures 18-31 while notes for Lectures 1-17 are available in Part 1 due to size constraints on this site.
Each lecture note is 2-4 pages long yet contains all essential information from the lecture slides + detailed explanation stressed by lecturers. Relevant diagrams were also included.
These notes were consistently edited to be clear & concise for the MST and final exam. I solely revised these notes during swotvac and managed to get H1 (90%) for this subject ☺️

Topic List:
L18: Immunopharmacology
L19: Drugs in Cardiovascular System - Heart
L20: Drugs in Cardiovascular System - Blood Vessels
L21: Drugs to Treat Diabetes
L22: CNS Smart Drugs (Nootropics)
L23: Drugs Used to Treat Depression
L24: Parkinson’s / Alzheimer’s Disease
L25: Drugs for Treatment of Obesity
L26: Drugs of Dependence
L27: Drugs for Pain
L28: Venom & Toxins
L29: Toxicology
L30: Selective Toxicity I
L31: Selective Toxicity II




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