Semester 2, 2018

UNIB20014 H1 Cheat Sheet

2 pages

4,975 words




This is a double sided A4 cheat sheet for the final exam. This cheatsheet contains the entire course content with detailed explanation. Each lecture/forum is clearly organised into topics and headings/subheadings are colour-coded for easy identification during the final exam.
I was able to attain H1 with this complete cheatsheet (no memorisation needed). Amazing cheatsheet for anyone taking this subject ☺️

Topic List
Lectures: global mega trends, nutrition, phytonutrients & trans fat, carbohydrates, global nutrition & malnutrition, salt, life stage nutrition, food safety, food economy, sustainable fisheries, sustainable aquaculture, farm animal welfare & food labelling, global food & nutritional security

Forums: food labelling & ingredient regulation, bees, cereal grains & sustainable crops, wine, food allergy