Law of Business Organisations (LOBO) is a difficult subject, especially provided that you need to be over a large number of topics and the terminology is hard to wrap your mind around. These notes helped me structure my assignments and exam as they are easy to navigate and apply. These nots include the Week 1-13 content. Use these notes alone or use them to add to your own notes! Topics included are: 1. Forms of Business Organisations and types of liability 2. Partnerships and Companies 3. Unincorporated and Incorporated Non-Profit Associations 4. The Constitutional and Regulatory Framework of Corporate Law/Separate Legal Entity 5. Getting the company started 6. Financing the company 7. Directors, Directors' Duties, Appointment 8. External Relations 9. General Meetings and Members 10. Companies in Financial Difficulty


Semester 1, 2020

126 pages

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