These notes provide an easy, follow along guide to excelling at equity and trusts. You can use these notes as a last minute exam print off, or use them to add to and make your personal notes perfect.

Topics covered include:
1. Maxims of equity
2. Undue influence
3. Unconscionable conduct
4. Estoppel
5. Introduction to Trusts
6. Assignments in equity
7. Priorities
8. Fiduciary Duties and Confidentiality
9. Express trusts
10. Charitable trusts
11. Administration of the Trust
(a) Appointment, Retirement and Removal of Trustees
(b) Powers, Rights and Duties of Trustees
(c) Rights of Beneficiaries
12. Variation and termination of trusts
13. Remedies for Breach
14. Tracing


Semester 2, 2019

116 pages

52,821 words



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