Semester 2, 2018

Constitutional Law Notes

102 pages

37,689 words




I subject is the biggest drainer!

These notes start with an easy guide and summary, then I have separated my notes into information that answers problem questions and short answers and then information for essay questions.

Firstly, this includes

1. Corporations Power
2. External Affairs Power
3. Executive Power
- Nationhood Power
3. Inconsistency of Laws
4. Judicial Power
5. Implied Freedom of Political Communication
6. Express Rights - s 106

Secondly, information is provided on the following, plus more.

1. Federalism
- Characterisation Process
- Concurrent and Exclusive Power
- Original Doctrines
Reserved powers
- Engineers Case
Intergovernmental Immunities
- Melbourne Corporations case + Austin
2. States and the Constitution
3. Constitution and Territories




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