These notes are a comprehensive summary of ALL key lectures, prescribed readings, key tutorial content, and relevant research for the Economics and Cities course. Topics covered include: - Thorough yet easy-to-understand summaries of all LECTURE content from Weeks 1 to 11. - Clear detailed summaries of all key READINGS content from the semester (listed as part of examination preparation), including important terminology. - Key content from TUTORIALS, embedded within each relevant lecture topic. - Findings from independent RESEARCH, including helpful FIGURES and DIAGRAMS to complement understanding of lectures. Key Qualities of these notes include: - Neatly formatted effective summary of the subject. - Re-organised information presented clearly, under appropriate subheadings, with frequent use of bullet point or numbered form. - Interactive contents page for easy navigation. - Compact reference which can assist your understanding of Economic and Cities content from another detailed perspective. These notes are a product of attentively watching each lecture at least 2 – 3 times as well as thorough evaluation of the course material. They were instrumental to helping me achieve a H1 score for this subject, and I hope they can be of assistance to you, especially for the mid-sem test and exam. All the best.


Semester 2, 2020

81 pages

25,287 words



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