These clear and concise summary tables cover Lectures 1-8, making it a very helpful resource for the Mid-Semester Test, as well as parts of the final exam. Comprised in the form of 5 A3 poster pages, they include:

- Key points from Lectures (exploring major themes, movements, events of the time). The lectures covered are:
- L1: Sources of Modernist Movement
- L2: Sources of Modernist Movement
- L3: Frank Lloyd Wright
- L4: German Architecture
- L5: Futurism and Modernism in Italy
- L6: Dutch Opposites
- L7: Dilemma of Soviet Architecture
- L8: Le Corbusier
- Key Buildings to be on the in-class test, and final exam (name, photo, year, architect, style/movement, descriptions)
- Key points from Readings (main ideas, post-edited from tutorial discussions)

They are a product of watching each lecture at least 2 – 3 times, as well as detailed evaluation from readings, and other research materials. They helped me score 95% for the in-class test, and I hope they can be of value and assistance to you too!


Semester 1, 2020

5 pages

3,626 words



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