These notes are a comprehensive summary of ALL lectures, e-learning, readings, key tutorial content, and relevant research for the Environmental Building Systems course.

Topics covered include:
- Easy-to-understand summaries of all LECTURE content from Weeks 1 to 12:
o W1: Residential – Introduction
o W2: Residential – Passive Design
o W3: Residential – Materials & Construction
o W4: Residential – Services
o W5: Residential – Active Systems
o W6: Residential – Designing for Resilience
o W7: Commercial – Passive Design
o W8: Commercial – Active Systems
o W9: Commercial – Vertical Transportation & Fire
o W10: Commercial – Lighting & Acoustics
o W11: Commercial – Smart Technologies & IEQ
o W12: Building Classes
- Detailed, yet concise summaries of all E-LEARNING content from the semester, including READINGS content, organised under the relevant lecture topic.
- Key examinable TUTORIAL content, organised within each relevant lecture topic, and including a section on the KEY BUILDINGS likely to be on the exam.
- Findings from independent RESEARCH, and consolidated learnings from QUIZ material and ASSIGNMENT.

Key Qualities of these notes include:
- Neatly formatted effective summary of the subject.
- Re-organised information presented clearly, often using bullet point or numbered form.
- Contains tables, often summarising differences and similarities (including a mega-table summarising all important heating/cooling active systems and their respective performances).
- Interactive contents page for easy navigation.
- Compact reference which can assist your understanding of EBS content from another detailed perspective.

These notes were instrumental to helping me achieve a H1 score for this subject. They are a product of attentively watching all lectures, writing, re-writing, and condensing the content to create this final tool which can be used for study and assessments throughout the semester, as well as revision for the exam. All the best!


Semester 2, 2020

43 pages

23,254 words



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