These are the notes I compiled for my study for the final exam and the quizzes. With these notes, I achieved 92% for the final exam, and overall got a 7 for PHRM3032 (88%). These notes are suitable for everyone, especially for people who don't have the time to go through every lecture and tutorial.

These notes cover all the topics taught in the whole semester, as well as the tutorial readings (which will be tested in the final exam and quizzes). I integrated the tutorial readings seamlessly into each relevant topic of the notes. These topics are:

Topic 1: Introduction to Australian Healthcare System
Topic 2: Organization of Services
Topic 3: Financing
Topic 4: Hospitals & Health System Performance
Topic 5: Health & Pharmacy Workforce
Topic 6: Mental Health Policy
Topic 7: Rural Health & Pharmacy
Topic 8: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health
Topic 9: National Medicines Policy
Topic 10: Health Technology – Assessment & PBS
Topic 11: Professional Organisations: PSA & SHPA
Topic 12: Pharmacy Guild of Australia & 7CPA


Semester 2, 2020

41 pages

13,007 words


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